Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have kind of gotten away from doing My Husband Rocks posts on Fridays so I want to tell you all about how wonderful he is! Between yesterday and today, he painted our little girls fingernails and toenails. He got out the newspaper and the nail polish remover, the cotton balls and the polishes and set to work. He did a base coat, a color of their choice and a top coat of glitter. :) Now, if that isn't special, I don't know what is?!?! Also, he shared with me that he wants to continue to have this alone time with them about once a week because if he can get into the habit, that will mean that as they get older, they will have dedicated time with Daddy where they can talk about their lives for at least a half an hour or so. I love that he's already setting goals and making plans on how to stay involved in their lives as they grow! :) I just love how good of a father he is. I know that when we are with other families, we often hear comments about how strict we are with our kids, but I our kids also know that they are adored. I hope that we are finding the proper balance between discipline and freedom. We want them to know that within certain boundaries, they are free to have all the fun they want. And that when they step out of those boundaries, we will still love them. We're also trying to show them, on the times when they do step over the lines, that the rules we've set in place are often there because we are trying to protect them. Its a work in progress, for sure, but Lowell is pretty darn good at it... And for this, and many other reasons, my husband rocks!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rani! I love checking in on you guys to see how you're doing through your blog! I was packing last week (we moved too! But just to the next town over, nothing crazy like ARIZONA!) anyway I was packing and found a prom picture of you & Lowell! Made me think about you. I'm glad you are well.
Amanda Blockhus