Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Banking Blessings

I am here in my kitchen, sort of watching Wheel of Fortune and cooking dinner while Nathan is creating a pirate ship out of Imaginex while waiting for his friend Cody to finish dinner so that he can come over to play. Nathan and I just got back from a bicycle ride. It was great. He said I wiped him out. :) I ate some cake and ice cream today and I wasn't feeling very good, so I was excited about riding. :) Lowell is currently at the park with the girls. We went yard sale-ing this weekend and found - get this - a scooter for Chloe and a bicycle for Jillian. Now we only need to find Chloe a bike and we're set. Well, and something for me. Also at the yard sales, we found two futons. We have decided that futons would be the best way to go in the kids' rooms because of the lack of floor space. Whenever they want to play with their toys, they tend to venture out into the living room or into our bedroom because there is more space. While this is ok, sometimes, having them out here all the time has gotten old - fast! So, I'll have to take new pictures and post them... If they ever get their rooms clean again. :)
We went to get a checking account yesterday and discovered that their is something showing up on our credit that shouldn't be there. I don't know what it could possibly be and apparently, we can't find out until they send us a letter in the mail... So, we were money-less for awhile... I have some checks, including a refund check from Grand Canyon, but no way to cash them.. Since the Grand Canyon check was written from BofA, we decided to go to a BofA to see if they would cash it without us having an account. It turns out that, in order to do this, I need two forms of ID. Ok, drivers license and either social security card or birth certificate, right? Nope. Actually, they wanted another credit card that had my name on it... Well, we don't use credit. And I don't have my ATM card from our other account... Its in Calaveras County in case we need access to that account... So, what to do.. Well, I prayed about it and then I waited. The banker said that I needed to talk to the manager. Well, the manager wanted to leave early, so she said, "Just go ahead and do it". :) Isn't God funny? He used someone else's impatience to bless me. :) Gotta love those moments when we can tangibly see His hand move. :)
I have homework due tonight. It is an easy assignment. I have felt very blessed about my class. I haven't really struggled with my first Masters class and I am feeling like I may not be as in over my head as I first feared. I am getting to know some of the girls in my class and they are encouraging about the ability to double up with classes. My professor is also very open about which classes are just too difficult to double up with. With this class, I have three assignments a week, so I'm assuming that I'll have the same with another class. That means 6 assignments a week, 2 days in class and working... I'm going to be VERY busy. I don't have a job yet... And I'm feeling a little stress but I've just really begun to look... Some of the other girls in my class said that they applied for 3 months before finding a job... I'm confident that we are where God wants us, and so I'm standing on the promise that He'll provide. It would be silly of me to doubt Him after all the confirmations that He's shown us... So, I'm just waiting to see what job He has picked out for me. :)

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