Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'm big on taking pictures today apparently. So, I'm trying to set the record straight. The camps are split about 50/50 with people who think Chloe looks like me and those who think Jillian looks like me. I personally can't see any resemblance between myself and either of them.. I do, however, look like my mom in one of these pictures. (Lord, help!) I'll let you form your own opinions on who more closely resembles their mother...
I'm just so happy to be blessed with beautiful girls who love Jesus. Chloe is very thoughtful and loves to organize things. Jillian has the leadership thing buttoned down! They are both sooo smart. Chloe is so logical and reasonable. Jillian is already doing addition and subtraction problems. And they both want to read so badly. Its so exciting to see them grow up and yet I cling longlingly to each glimpse of them as my babies... Not for much longer I'm afriad.

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The Northrups said...

They can both look like you, you know :-) But Chloe definitely - your coloring, your eyes, your face frame, all you!!! Jilli is more of a combo in my opinion :-)