Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Justifiable Bias

I know that all parents are baised about their kids... I happily admit that my children are the smartest and most beautiful kids in the world. I will, however, say that while they sometimes need some help in the behavior department, they are still much more well behaved than most of the kids they play with! That said, I have to use this forum to display just how beautiful my kids are... So, here is a picture I took this morning.
As I've mentioned before, the girls love Taylor Swift. In this picture, Jillie really looks like Taylor Swift; that is her favorite part of the picture. I am planning on blowing this up because I just love it... :) We recently got Nathan and Chloe's school pictures in the mail, so now I'll have great new pictures of all three of the most wonderful kids in the world. Man, I'm lucky! :) Lowell says that we could make a fortune being surrogate parents or sperm and egg donors because we create such gorgeous kids! I know he's just kidding, but I think he's right! You can't argue with a picture! Especially one this beautiful!

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