Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Apology

I received an unexpected package in the mail yesterday. Well, had I remembered, it would've been expected, but since I didn't, I was ever so surprised! :) Aren't unexpected packages the best??? Anyway, this was from my great-grandma, or as my children call her, "Mamoo". I've called her Mamie my entire life, so I'll continue to do so here. :) Anyway, Mamie has recently been learning how to make jewelry. Yes, I know what you're thinking.. My great-grandma. She's going to be 86 this summer, she still drives, works, scrapbooks, sews, lives alone, and yes, makes jewelry. She's awesome. So, anyway, she made me a pair of earrings to match a pair of new shorts I got shortly before moving and she made the girls each a bracelet! Also, she sent me earrings in the shape of a scrapbook, complete with a very tiny pencil and, my new favorite thing, a pair of earrings shaped like giraffes!! :) The front of the earrings have the giraffe's front, and the back shows their little tushies! :) I'm so blessed! And, the important thing to mention, is that I haven't been very thankful toward her lately. Awhile ago, I was a little hurt by some things that she had to say and I'll allowed that hurt to stay with me instead of really forgiving and letting it go. In class, we've been talking about trying to look at the intention of what people are saying instead of the words themselves because often, we can misspeak, but it is infrequent that we really mean for our words to hurt another person. We've also been talking about unconditional positive regard. It is therapist talk for teaching yourself to be supportive of a person whether you agree with them or not. It is crucial for us to show our clients that we will not judge them and that we won't abandon them or be angry with them because of their decisions. We've also discussed how important it is to have boundaries in place so that we are able to do the right things, teach our clients and encourage them and then let go of our attachment to the outcome. Our job is to guide - but we are not responsible of the choices our clients make. (This applies to all relationships in life) Well, because of all these different topics that we've discussed, along with a lot of prayer, I want to apologize to my great-grandma for forgetting how important she is to me and for letting myself hold onto my anger. There are always going to be times when we don't exactly get along with some of the people we are close to but it is crucial to remember how important these relationships are and to work at mending them when needed. So, Mamie, I hope that you can forgive me. You mean a lot to me and I appreciate all the sacrifices that you've made on my behalf and just how much you've always loved me.

Oh, and thank you for the earrings! :)

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