Friday, March 26, 2010

New Job

I have moved to the day shift. I wasn’t sure how I’d adjust, but so far, so good. I asked my boss for a new schedule because my father-in-law was supposed to go go back home in about a month and so Lowell and I couldn’t remain on the same shift. My boss proposed a compromise – if I took a different position, I could get a new schedule. So, my new title: Jobs Coordinator. I am responsible for helping our residents with resumes, providing them with interview attire, transporting them to interviews if necessary, and doing whatever I can to help them find employment. As is true with the rest of the nation, the job market in Phoenix is definitely sub-par which makes my job both frustrating and challenging. In my first week, I’ve helped with printing fliers for a woman who wants to clean houses, assisted with filling out an application for a woman who doesn’t speak English, outfitted two women for interviews, and a myriad of other tasks that somehow fill up my hours.
Since we've got a schedule that allows us to take care of the kids on our own, Chug decided to head to California earlier than he had planned. So, this week finds us back on our own. We're discussing what we're going to do with the bedroom that Chug vacated - is Nathan going to get his room back or will Chloe get a room of her own for the first time? Jillie wants to move into the master with Lowell and I so maybe Nathan gets his own room and Chloe will stay where she is with Jillie in with us... I'm not super fond of that option. :) Mainly because I don't like sharing a room but also because I don't want her to become dependent on me. I'm really big on independence... I believe it is my job to teach these babies how to fly... I don't want to clip their wings... And I'm really blessed that Lowell works very hard on just letting them be kids. I know I've said it before, but I really think we make a good team. :) Let's hope the kids think so.

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