Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I started thinking about a legacy today. I am a little terrified by the idea that my children are going to remember me as a "...." fill-in-the-blank mom. I don't know how they're going to remember their childhoods... On a larger scale however, I'm also leaving a legacy with the people I work with, with my church family, my biological family and even the people I meet in the grocery store. Because I'm working on living for the Audience of One, its not that I'm concerned about what these people will think of me, its more that I'm concerned with the impact I can/will make on their lives. I strongly believe that God has placed me where I am right now in an effort to use me to impact the lives of those around me. I've been given a sphere of influence and I'm going to be held accountable for how I loved these people. How well do I love my children and my husband, how well do I demonstrate God's love to the people at work, the people in traffic and those standing in line behind me at the post office? How much of an impact am I making for the kingdom?

If my focus is not on what people will think of me, and instead on living each day with the goal of doing the right thing, and to see people how God sees them, I will be more apt to notice that the cranky woman at work is really hurting. I will be able to see the pain instead of the behavior and be able to demonstrate grace to her. If my heart only wants to please my Solitary Audience, I won't hesitate when I feel led to comfort a complete stranger because I know that He knows the heart of this person and will guide me to meet their need. I believe that I've been called to be the "hands and feet" of God here on earth, and when my heart is focused on loving as Christ loves, and on seeing my world as He sees it, I won't see the "ugly" exteriors, but instead the beauty of the person that God has created.

I have the opportunity to help people at work. I'm being a part of people finding employment and getting their GEDs. These are tangible ways that I'm giving back and I really feel good about them. I also have times where women will sit in my office and cry or talk and share their experiences with me. I don't see the results of these times, but I believe that they are just as helpful (if not more so) as the other ways that I'm assisting the ladies here. My job is basically 8 hours of opportunities to see people with the eyes of Christ because they are all hurting and all struggling. It can get overwhelming at times, but then I am reminded that God will give me strength. I can fly like an eagle, I can walk and not faint, I can run and not grow weary... I have a promise from the living, loving God of the universe. What more could I possibly need??? So, I'm loving and helping and failing and learning. And looking forward to seeing how I've been used by God to bring Him glory. That's what I want my legacy to be - that I brought glory to God in every area of my life by living only to please Him. My audience of one.

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