Friday, June 18, 2010

The Provider

Last week, our pastor was talking about being totally sold out to God. His sermon covered how everything comes from God, everything is about Him and exists only for the purpose of bringing Him glory. When he talked about remembering that everything comes from God, he said something that made me look at life a little differently. He said that we don't need to sweat the small stuff because God is in control. That I'd heard before, of course, but then he kept talking. If you have a problem and you've given it to God, its His problem. If your refigerator breaks and you give it to God, its now God's refrigerator to fix. God's kids need shoes. God's car needs gas. God's computer needs to be fixed. And, a personal story from our lives, God's truck needs tires.
Our Dodge needs tires and we don't have the money right now to get them. They're really expensive. But the tires that are on the truck now are completely finished... So, what are we going to do? Lowell has to be able to go to work... So, I've been praying about it - God, your truck needs tires. Lowell has been stressing about it. Really stressing... And so I've been praying for him. I'm praying for his level of faith and for his stress level. And I'm praying for God to move in a big way and for Lowell to be shown how God can move in amazing ways. So, if you will, join with me in praying that God will provide tires for His truck and will show Lowell how amazinly He can meet our needs.

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