Monday, June 7, 2010

Ups and Downs

I don't even know where to begin... This week seems to have been punctuated with moments of absolute joy and still cluttered with times of stress and frustration. On the joyous side, our church had its first week in the new building. The service was completely fantastic and the sermon was incredible as usual. Also, I talked to Jillie about who to believe when multiple people in authority told her conflicting stories. For example, if her teacher told her that she couldn't wear any shoes that weren't black, and then Mom said is was okay to wear zebra shoes to school - who should she listen to... She didn't know the answer to that question but when I re-worded it to "What if one of your teachers told you that there isn't really a god? Then who would you believe?" Jillian said with passion, "But that's wrong because I know there's a God and He loves me!!" It brought tears to my eyes how completely sold out she is - I was soo proud! Soooooooo proud!!!! Also, we temporarily lost both of the ferrets, and both of them have returned home - safe and sound!
As for the bumps in the road, I'm not even going to mention them because they are, as they say, a part of life. And I'm remembering that in my weakness, Christ is made strong. These are the times when I can hang on and watch Him move - watch Him comfort and encourage, and watch problems be taken care of. And then I get the chance to give glory where its due -- To the only one worthy of all honor, and power and praise.. Thank you Father!