Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Bed

I picked up McDonalds tonight on my way home from work. I was just exhaused and couldn't bear the thought of cooking dinner after the day I had. Found the house to be in a relatively decent condition and my husband asleep on the living room floor. Threw the bags on the table, got the kids to clean up a little and then told them to help themselves. I tried to lay on the couch and not think about how bad my back hurts when I heard a little voice... "Mama... Will you play a game with me?" I really wanted to say no... And then I realized that I also really wanted to say Yes. I wanted to have the energy to play that game, so I got off the couch and sat on the floor to play a very silly game of checkers with my youngest. Then I was surprised by my older two who came out to the living room to give me a "spa day". Nathan put lotion on my legs, Chloe painted my fingernails and Jillian brushed my hair. Then the kids decided they wanted their fingers and toes painted too. Even Nathan. He got clear. I felt very special and I told them so. I'm not sure how my boss is going to react to my bright gold, sparkly fingernails tomorrow but, when I tell her who did them, I bet she'll smile. I have that kind of boss.
Side note about my boss: She is also very understanding of the fact that life happens. She is so approachable and understanding. She's awesome at what she does and very smart -- and she manages to make her employees feel welcome in her office. I'm blessed!!
Now that the spa day is over, I cleaned up after "dinner" and got the kids ready for bed. We've got a family bed going on for some reason tonight - I'm on one side of the king sized bed, Nathan is in the middle, Chloe's on the other side and Boogie is horizontal at the foot of the bed. I'm typing and kids are reading. Chloe is reading through the her little Bible (Did I mention how lucky I am??!?!?) Jillian is flying through Dr. Seuss books and Nathan reads chapter books with ease.
Both of my girls are sick. They've got a cough and a stuffy nose. It really doesn't affect them so much during the day, but at night it is miserable. Its sad to hear them coughing during the night..
Well, this family bed thing worked for a little while -- Nathan has left to places unknown and Jillian is now crying. She says its because she wants to go to school, but Mom thinks its because she's tired. She didn't get her toenails painted at the spa day because she climbed on my dresser to reach the shelf in my closet to get the nail polish to begin with. Then she wasn't able to read out loud because it distracted the rest of us.... Such drama for a 5 year old... :)
I love my little family!! :)

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Stony and Brit said...

It sounds like it turned out to be a wonderful night!