Friday, November 19, 2010


I am almost done with school. But the end still seems sooooooo far away. Its Senior-itis. And its a bad case. :)
I have three options for my practicum as well as a lead on a new job. The job is working with families of youth who have behavioral issues. It would allow me to have a flexible schedule and to make my own hours but would also push me further into my field of choice because I would get to write treatment plans and progress notes.
And Lowell and I have begun looking for another house. We simply must get out of this HOA... It is stifling and limiting and we are just ready to be free from it. The kids are sooo ready for some more outside space and Lowell is just dying to be able to actually work on something at home. And I'm looking forward to a larger house. Right now, if one or two things get out of place, our living room looks like a bomb went off in it simply because its so small. I called about one house this morning, so now we just need to see if we get a call back, or if its already been rented. Fingers crossed! :)
The first quarter of school is over -- Nathan got 6 As and 1 F. Granted, he didn't deserve the F -- he just didn't turn in a couple of assignments in social studies and because there were only 4 assignments in the quarter that were graded, he got an F. Talk about a devastated little boy. He would have gotten an A because all of his papers were perfect and that would have given him both Honor Roll and The Principal's List. It would also have made him the only one in his class to get this distinction.... The report cards came home over 10 days ago and he's still bummed about it. I've told him that as far as I'm concerned, he achieved his goal, but he's heartbroken. Apparently at the beginning of the year, each student set goals for themselves and, in May, if they've achieved their goal each quarter, they received something from the school. Now Nathan is disappointed again because he knows he won't be eligible for this reward. (The goal he set for himself was Principals List all four quarters.) I'm so proud of him for setting his sights high and for working so hard to achieve his goals... I want to encourage him in these things - I don't want him to be disappointed about how hard he worked. On the other hand, I'm sure he'll be more apt to turn in assignments this quarter... It just seems like a lot of responsibility to place on an 8 year old.. I didn't get a note in his backpack that he didn't have assignments turned in... It all comes down to me having to check the online gradebook and keep up on it. Ok sure, in my free time, I'll do that too... Aggravating!
And, makes me feel a little mom guilt because if I had been checking, I would have been able to get him to turn the papers in (they were already done in his binder) and he would've achieved his goal. Ggrrrr!