Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a Thursday

I am here, typing to you on a new laptop. It was not the joyous occassion that one might first think because the only reason I got a new laptop was because my old one died... along with everything on it. That was a tough day. It took a week just to find out that it was totally dead and then I got the news that all my data was lost. Crummy. By that point, I was already a week behind in my classes. Thankfully my profs are going to accept all my work late without penalty, the problem now is that I have to do two weeks of work in one week. I already have enough trouble getting my work done for one week... So, I've taken a mental health day today to catch up on homework. I was very much a God thing that I happened to ask for today off... Not only do I desperately need to do some homework, but yesterday at work was a doosey.
I spent about an hour on the phone with a woman who was suicidal and, at one point, said she couldn't do it anymore and hung up on me. At that point, I didn't have her phone number or location. I was devastated. Thankfully, she called me back and, in time, I was able to get her to let me call the police for her safety. We got her to a mental facility where she can be taken care of and then we're going to work on getting her a place to stay.... All in a days work, I suppose, but emotionally, it took a lot out of me.
On the way home, I turned up my radio and prayed for God to refill me of the emotional strength that I had expended at work because I knew that when I got home, I'd need to be ready to give to my kids and my husband. I couldn't be empty when I got home. And, like He always does, through worshipping Him and sitting in silence, He refilled me with energy and strength so that I could take care of my family. I am very thankful that God used me in that woman's life and also thankful that He loves me enough to help me recover. :)
Now, enough procrastination, back to my papers..... :)

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