Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Parenting by Phone

Because of our schedules, Lowell is the parent at home during the day. However, this is also his time to be sleeping. With three active kids at home, this arrangement has not been very conducive to sleep. So I've started parenting by phone from work. If there is an issue, the kids call me instead of waking up their dad. Nathan has gotten very good at using the microwave and has even conquered the electric can opener!! (It is very difficult to teach an 8 year old to use an electric can opener over the phone...) When they are getting hungry, they will call me and I'll tell Nathan what to fix and he makes lunch for everyone. Also, I settle disputes, kiss owies and suggest ways to avoid boredom... I love this system because it has allowed me to be more involved with their lives even though I am not physically home with them. Also, Lowell has been able to sleep for longer than 2 hours straight for the first time in months! I've been parenting by phone for about a week now, but today was special and I wanted to share it with you...

Around 9am
Nathan calls. He has gotten a blue bowl from my kitchen and has filled it up with leaves, sticks, sand and a little water. He's outside watching lizards and believes that he's found where they "disappear" to - a hole at the bottom of the empty house next door. Said hole has been blocked off. This is his way of feeling me out to see if a pet lizard is in his future... Catch it first, and then we'll talk about keeping it.
Nathan calls. Totally out of breath. Lizard has been chased through three different front yards, out from under bushes, between houses and up walls. "He's really good at running, I'll give him that much."
Lizard has gone up the concrete wall and Nathan can't jump high enough to reach it. Need to come up with a new plan.
Lizard went over the wall and has reappeared near the house. Nathan gave chase and was "like 5 inches behind him" but, alas, he has escaped again.
Lizard has been lost under a bush. Mom cautions that chasing the lizard too much will cause it to die. Nathan reasons that since he keeps coming back out, there must be a reason.
Nathan decides the lizard is thirsty and is going to lure him out of the bush with a large dish of water.
New plan. Now the sisters are enlisted to help "herd" lizard into the area where Nathan will be waiting with the bowl. (Insert long conversation here about exactly how Nathan plans to physically catch the lizard and then transfer it into the bowl...)
New plan fails. Lizard got too close to Chloe and she screamed. Chloe squeals, "Its soo gross."
Secret lizard lair has been located. 2 lizards have been seen going under a board in the neighbors yard. Further reconnaissance is necessary.
Nathan decides that its too hot for lizard hunting and that he will resume his operation in the evening.


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