Friday, July 30, 2010


Now and Then On the way home today, I was eagerly anticipating being able to use my new laptop! The shock and the upset over losing my old one has been lessened as I've fallen in love with my new one... That being said, I am still anxious to take some other measures to see if I can, in fact, recover the documents and data off of my old hard drive... I'm not throwing in the towel yet.
As for catching up on my homework, yesterday was productive but not enough to get me completely caught up. I still have my "major" paper to start over and another three papers to write. I was completely amazed to realize last night that I only have 2 weeks left of these classes and then I will only have 3 classes left... only 8 weeks of two classes and 8 weeks of one class... And then I'll be done with course work!!!! Done! All I'll have left is practicum... And then I'll apply for internship, take my licensure exam and.... Wow. It seems like it might actually be really happening. :)
The weather has been fantastic here! We are deep in the heart of monsoon season and we've been blessed with tons of lightning and thunder. We've had rain to play in and to cool the mugginess. The kids haven't been swimming much this week; our neighbors have been gone. The kids have been entertaining themselves mainly with the computer and tv... I'm excited for school to start again, but I'm not looking forward to the battle that I know will ensue on the first couple of days that I start dragging kids to school. Nathan has already said that he would rather stay home and play the computer instead of going to school. Well, no chance of that Bud! I've talked to him about it and I've stressed about what kind of mother that makes me...
Lowell's promotion has been put on hold because their company has voted to go union. I have no idea how long it will take before they will negotiate all of their new working conditions and salaries so that is a bummer. Additionally, they have told Lowell (because he's a supervisor) that they are going to be letting a couple more people go. One of them is a friend of Lowell's. Again, with the addition of the union, I don't know how soon this will go through, but I know Lowell doesn't like having information that he can't share with his friend.
Nathan has a birthday party to go to tomorrow - it will be his first time bowling! The girls are going to get together with the younger siblings of the birthday boy, so I think I'll have a houseful of kids tomorrow. Usually we yard-sale on Saturday mornings, but I think tomorrow will find us going to Walmart for a birthday present and dropping off my car for its much needed oil change.
We are still hurtling toward October when we will be moving. I am still purging and packing slowly but surely. I've packed a lot of books and almost all of the little knick-knacky things. I've gone through the kids rooms as well as the clothes, kitchen, games, linens and scrapbooking stuff in order to get rid of things. I still need to go through the file cabinets and the movies... And I'm sure there will be more things to get rid up as we get closer to the day. We still don't know where we're going... We are still thinking Tonopah for the most part but after that, things get fuzzy. There is the possibility that we could apply for a mortgage and buy something or maybe rent and still consider our options. Long term, Lowell and I are talking about staying here for two or three years and then possibly moving back to northern California once my internship is completed. I could teach at the community college there and still have my own practice. And Lowell would be ecstatic to be back in the type of landscape that he loves. He misses the trees and the mountains... He is doing remarkably well with the heat here however!! Very different from the last time we lived here! :)

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