Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Shower

I had my baby shower on Saturday. It was thrown by one of the girls at work at her mom's house. Almost all of the girls who came were from work - the one exception was Abby, one of my Bottom East-ers from college. It was great to re-connect with her and to catch up a little. We both said that we need to get together soon for some real bonding time!
I was very blessed and spoiled by everyone's generosity. I got a ton of adorable little clothes, a Snuggli, bath products, some yummy blankets and fun toys and a little collapsible "play pen" for the baby to use until he's big enough for a real play pen. My grandma also gave us the money for a car seat. I also received money at the shower and I used it to get the crib mattress and some crib sheets.
I also received a gift card from our friends in South Dakota which I used to get a body pillow so that I can get some sleep!!! And a table for baby's room to make room for the crib. (I'm using the scrapbooking room and it was a mess!!! Now I have somewhere to put all the stuff that was all over the floor - and viola! we have room for the crib! :) ) ***PS thank you Kroeshce's! I've been meaning to get a card in the mail and it just hasn't happened yet... Your thoughtful is very appreciated!!!!!!!
Basically, we have all we need except a stroller, the bigger play pen and a name!! (I need the play pen because he'll be coming to work with me occasionally) And, of course, all those thousands of diapers that we're going to go through. Ugh. Still unsure about Eric... Middle name? First name? I'm not in love with any of the options so, for now, he's just "baby"...
I also went to WIC while I was waiting for Chloe to get her root canal. I made an appointment with them for later this week so that I can get signed up for all the formula and fruits and veggies. That is such a great program!!! I'm hoping that we qualify financially.. Praying about that one because formula is EXPENSIVE!!!!!

I'll post some pictures from the shower as soon as I get copies of them.
Thank you again to all of our family and friends for the thoughts, prayers and encouragement! We've only got 10 weeks to go...

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