Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today my baby turns 6! My little angel, my Booga and my princess.... I watched her this morning as I dropped her off at school and got more teary eyed than I did for her first day of kindergarten because I could see how much she had grown. She's confident, happy and so smart. And getting so big. I smiled though because she's still not quite strong enough to open the heavy door into her school. She still has to grab the handle, pull with all her might, and then either wedge part of her body in the little crack she can create or she has to leverage herself with her foot on the wall and pull on the door with both hands. This morning was the wedge because she had her lunch in one hand. :) She's so adorable and precious and special. And I'm so lucky to be her mom. I feel so blessed. I have the most awesome kids. Thank you Lord, for entrusting them to me - they are my biggest source of joy and reward. Especially my Booga. Adorable just doesn't begin to cover it. :)

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