Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Busy Schedule

Yesterday was the first of what is proving to be two weeks of doctor appointments. Chloe and Nathan went for their annual checkup yesterday. Both kids have fantastic eyesight, 20/15, and both are in the 50% of height and weight. Nathan has been complaining lately of "growing pains" and so the doctor ordered blood work to be sure that there isn't an underlying cause. She was fairly sure its just because he's, well, growing. :) This was the first time Nathan had had blood drawn and he was not thrilled about the idea but I went over and over it with him - the process, what would be happening and how I thought it might feel. I encouraged him to relax and that, honestly, it doesn't hurt when Mom gets blood drawn... He was brave. Much, much braver than he was the last time he got a shot when I had to physically restrain him. He did get a little pale at the end though, and the nurses had to get him to take deep breaths because they were worried he was going to pass out. :) I was very proud of him for being so brave and this morning he was excited to show his "hole" to his friends. Chloe is perfectly healthy and we learned of an easy treatment for her "spots". She has patches of skin that are lighter than the rest of her body sprinkled on her torso and back. The doctors have always told me that she'll grow out of them, but this doctor yesterday said that by washing her body with an anti-dandruff shampoo, we may be able to speed up the process. She's excited about possibly being spot-free by Christmas! :) Today is Boogie's turn. I'm not sure if she'll be getting a shot - the other two are done with vaccinations until they turn 11... I don't know about Jillie. She has been excited for almost a week about going to the doctors but that may change when the needle comes out. I have to say that I LOVE the doctor that they are seeing!!!! Absolutely love her! She was upbeat, encouraging and made them feel at ease. She was also great because I had a couple of moments when I felt like less than the perfect mom. She was never belittling or tried to make me feel guilty or upset. I just love, love her! Thank you Lord for her! Thursday we have 3 dentist appointments - everyone is getting a cleaning and checkup. This will be our first venture to the dentist - and before you freak out -- I know, I know. Its terrible that my kids have never been to the dentist and I've felt plenty guilty about it. Its always been a financial thing. So, now we're going. I'm hoping for a relatively painless experience - for them and for me! :) Next week Lowell has training. I have to adjust my work schedule around it which has made for some interesting maneuvering at work. Also, with Nathan's doctor's appointment, she referred us to two specialists for some minor issues that Nathan has been dealing with so there are now two more appointments in my world... Tuesday I have to leave work at 2, pick up the kids and then get to the doctor's by 3:30. Wednesday, leave work at 2, pick up the kids and be to the specialist on the other side of town by 4:15... And blissfully, I have to take Thursday off completely. My own schedule is interrupted by OB appointments ever two weeks now, but I did get some good news at my last appointment on Monday. I learned that 1. I don't have gestational diabetes and 2. my protein levels suggest that I won't go into labor for at least the next 10 days. :) This just might be my first full-term pregnancy. Fingers crossed.

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LOVE the pics! The kiddos are beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!!