Friday, March 18, 2011


I've been convicted lately about praying for those around me. It is so frequent that I talk to someone and hear about how they're struggling. Almost without fail, I will honestly say to them "I'll be praying for you." I know the power of prayer and I love that people come to me and trust me to bring them before the throne. I know that the Bible says to pray unceasingly, and honestly, with the amount of people I have in my life who are hurting, I should be praying almost constantly!!
But I'm not. Most of the time, my prayers consist of, "Lord, You know. Just help!" Or something even less articulate that amounts to little more than shooting up an arrow of thought with their name on it...
On my prayer list currently, I have:
-A friend who recently, suddenly lost her job. She is up and moving to Virginia to be with family.
-A dear friend who is about to embark on an adventure with her family and who is praying for peace, financial support, health, and safety.
-A co-worker who is struggling in a new relationship, dealing with all the baggage that comes from previous relationships, having children out of wedlock etc...
-A co-worker who is suffering from a serious medical condition
-A friend who has been desperately trying for a baby for over a year, and who just had to have an emergency hysterectomy
-Someone with cancer, others who's mom/daughter/sister/brother-in-law have cancer, two people with premature babies just born in their families, back issues, pain issues... so many health related concerns
-A close friend who is struggling with getting pregnant
-Basically the whole country of Japan
-Someone struggling with getting over her divorce
-Someone contemplating divorce and working to keep her marriage together
-Someone struggling with an addiction
-Someone fighting bankruptcy and overwhelming debt
-Someone starting a new career
-A friend struggling in her marriage and a husband dealing with addiction
-A friend experiencing a difficult pregnancy
-A family member going to Afghanistan
-Someone dealing with custody issues and the heartache that accompanies it
-2 moms with daughters who are pregnant and very young
And that's just off the top of my head...
I need to get off here and start praying!

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Stony and Brit said...

You have really made me think! I try not to say I will pray for someone if I don't intend to, but I wonder if once or twice really counts. I'm guilty of that with people who are not close to me. And I've thought a lot about who I am assuming will do the praying instead of me. Thanks, Rani!