Sunday, January 1, 2012

Route 66 -- Freedom!

Our church is starting a new series called Route 66 because there are 66 books of the Bible. As a church family, we are reading through the Bible. We're using the YouVersion one-year reading plan if you want to join us. Just download the app and search for 1 year plan. It only takes 15-20 minutes a day. I already know that I won't be completely faithful and read everyday and I'm accepting that early on so that I, hopefully, don't get totally discouraged when I miss days. That being said, I'm definitely going to try not to miss days, I just know how I am and the less potential for experiencing failure, the better. All besides the point -- my excitement comes from beginning a new year with the potential of getting closer to God by reading His word regularly. Our church also has a reading plan for preschoolers and elementary age kids so I can get the kids involved too. Very excited!!!

At our New Years party service last night, Pastor Greg also suggested that we start a "Faithfulness Journal" where we record all the times where God has answered prayers. This journal can be used to look back on God's provision when we are struggling in life or feeling hopeless.. But they can also be passed down to our children as a record of how God has worked in our lives and how they can trust Him faithfulness too.. Wouldn't that be an awesome gift to get from a parent??? Wow...

I'm also completely excited becuase I already have something to write in my faithfulness journal -- Wyatt no longer needs a bottle to go to sleep. It had been getting really out of hand because he has a cold and would wake up between 10 and 20 times a night and then wanted a bottle to get himself back to sleep. After one realllllllly long night, I finally said that enough was enough and pulled the plug. I started Thursday by watching his sleeping patterns and trying to get a feel for when his naps regularly are. (I don't keep track of these things, when he's tired, I put him down...) Friday I tried laying him down with no bottle and he screamed for about a hour the first time and two hours in the middle of the night... I almost gave up. Saturday though, I resolved that it needed to be done and it would only get harder the longer I waited so, with some emotional support from Lowell to convince me that I wasn't scarring our child for life, I, again, laid Wyatt down for his nap without a bottle. This time he cried for a little over a half an hour. After church, I laid him down again and he cried about 30 minutes. Then, in the middle of the night (when I knew he really was hungry) I gave him his bottle but stayed with him to be sure that he was actually eating and then, when he was done, I took the bottle and left him in his crib without it. And I waited for the inevitable screams... All I got was a couple wimpers and then he drifted off peacefully. At 4 in the morning, same thing - bottle until he wasn't hungry and then... silence. Just quiet snoring. :) At this morning's nap, not even a peep... Praise Jesus!!!! I had been praying for this to be an easy transition... And it has been. So, entry #1 in my journal for 2012 -- freedom from the bottle! :)

So, in the spirit of expectation and thankfulness....


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