Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Things

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to be used in a big way. Through a couple of benign circumstances, I ended up staying about a half an hour late at work so that, when I was leaving, I was alone in the parking lot. As I started to drive off the property, I noticed a young girl walking by herself. After watching her for awhile, I realized that I knew her. Long story short, there was a very vulnerable girl walking in a very bad neighborhood very early in the morning. I was in the right place at the right time and was able to get this girl home safely. I am soo thankful that God kept that little girl safe. And I'm blessed that I was able to see Him working so poignantly. She had run away from home... My prayers continue to be with this little family.

On another note, I recently turned 29. That's not completely real yet, but I did have a good birthday. My day began when I got home from work because I work graveyards. The kids, except Jillie, were at school and so I tried to get some rest. There was a sign on the girl's bedroom door saying "Pppresets in my room Do not com in" and one with a very sad looking stick figure that had a big circle around it and a line through it. This one simply said, "no mama". My feelings weren't hurt because there were a lot of blue hearts on the sign too. On my birthday I was blessed with a stuffed giraffe, a game for the Wii, handmade cards, some of the kids own toys, a bracelet set and necklace and, the piece de resistance, a deluxe micro-plush Snuggie. That's right, I have a beautifully soft, dark blue, blanket with sleeves. And three beautiful children who I adore! I sooo appreciate them and their demonstrations of love! I also got some money to allow me to print all of the 200 pictures I have saved on my memory card in my camera, free movie tickets and my co-workers bought me a cake. They've never been so happy to see me come through those doors. :) Cake if very popular at work. "The World's Best Advocates!"
I also got lots of well-wishes via Facebook and some texts too. I even got one from my little brothers! That was super special!

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