Sunday, January 24, 2010


Lowell met us at church today so, on the way home, Chloe and Nathan rode with him leaving me alone with Boogie. Of course, I asked her if she had fun in Sunday School and then what she learned. Each week, there is a theme for the children's program. Last week was "Jesus/God can do anything." They learned about Jesus walking on water. The week before that was "I can talk to God when I am afraid". This week was, "Jesus wants us to obey". So I asked Jillie what 'obey' means. She said that we do what we're supposed to do. I clarified that we do what God wants us to do. So Jillie said, "Right now, God wants us to go home." :) So, to home we went. On the way, we were identifying shapes out of the cloud made by the nuclear power plant off in the distance. First we had an elephant, then a 6 legged camel, and then a Tyrannosaurus Rex with something on his back. Jillie said, I think its a dinosaur with a blender. Ok Honey, whatever you think. :)
I love going to church. And I love that my children love it too. And I'm very thankful that I have a husband who will work all night and then still make an effort to be at church. I appreciate that he makes it a priority and that he will demonstrate to his children that church is a priority. I'm very blessed.
On that note, I have been feeling much better. I got an email from my sister in law encouraging me to not feel guilty about needing "me" time. I appreciate the reminder. :) Its a hard thing for moms to remember, isn't it.. In addition to the encouraging note, I'm also confident that I had prayer on my side this week. I know it because I can feel the difference. I've been reminded that I have the power, in Christ, to take captive each and every thought and conform it to the will of God. I do not have to be ruled by my feelings, but can stand on Truth. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. I know my kids appreciate it too. :)

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