Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Pics

My wonderful husband took us around a couple of days ago to some places in town that I've been scouting out for good photo-shoot sites. These are a couple of the shots I got.. I was a little bummed because it was a little bit cold and the kids didn't want to take a whole lot of photos. They were sooooo good but I rushed a little too much and I didn't check my shots all that well, so I missed a couple of blinks.. I discovered that our local park has a three-seater slide - perfect for my little ones.. And there is a old building on main street that I was really excited about. We also took some pix in front of an old fence but we got a lot of wind action in those... So, we'll try it again on a different day. Sooo fun! :)


theKband said...

What GREAT pictures! You and Lowell have a truly beautiful family. How blessed you are!

The Northrups said...

Absolutely perfect!!! :-)