Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going a Little Crazy with the Pictures

Wyatt had his lungs x-rayed this morning and they found fuzzy areas. They aren't sure if these are indicative of fluid, infection or just under-developed aveoli. His blood keeps coming back clean for infection, so they don't believe there is one, but they have decided to give him another round of anti-biotics after this one finishes tonight. To treat him for fluid in his lungs, they may choose to give him a treatment that will cause the fluid to be expelled from his lungs and he will just pee it out. The doctor was going to make that decision this afternoon. I haven't seen him yet to hear about his decision. If the issue is only underdeveloped lungs, they may choose to give him steroids to promote their growth, but that would only be done if there is still no improvement after tomorrow. They like to give the babies at least 72 hours to clear their lungs on their own before reverting to steroids. The news that we got this morning was that he's looking at, likely, anywhere from 2 - 5 days. And at this point, I'm being discharged this afternoon at 3pm. There was a possibility that the hospital would have space to let me stay in an unoccupied room so that I can be with Wyatt, but right now, they're full. Tomorrow, they may have a room, its just on a day-to-day basis. Lowell told me not to worry, he's going to take care of it so that's what I'm doing. I trust my husband to take care of both me and my son. I'm just going to concentrate on helping Wyatt get better so that he can come home soon.
I'm sure there'll be more pictures to come soon. :)


Moron said...

Thanks for all the pictures!! He's adorable. We're praying for Wyatt & his lungs.... we've sooo been here!! I'm glad he's eating so well!!

Stony and Brit said...

I can't speak for everyone, but I am pretty sure you could post another 100 pictures of Wyatt and it wouldn't be too many.