Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The New Big Siblings

The kids got to meet Wyatt today after school. Lowell left the hospital at around 4 am to take them to school and to pick up some things we needed. Then he went to Jillie's kindergarten promotion. As soon as the ceremony was over, he grabbed all the kids and took them home to get them changed and ready to meet their new baby brother. They were very excited. When they saw him, they all wanted to touch him, to pick himn up and to know why he was in the bubble. They were also excited to see Wyatt and compare him to the size they were when they were born. We explained how Nathan was just a hair bigger than Wyatt, Chloe was a little smaller, and Jillie was quite a bit bigger. :)
After I explained to them what all the wires and cords were for, they each got to touch Wyatt's leg and put their hands on his little head. The nurse came in and talked to them about Wyatt and how we was doing. She was great and they really liked learning about him. When we got back to my room, they all asked if they could go back and see Wyatt again, or if we could bring him to my room. I tried to explain how he needs his rest, and how he can't leave the nursery yet. It made me sad, but also really happy that they are so excited about their new little munchkin.
Lowell had stopped by Walmart on his way to the hospital and the kids picked out a present for the baby - a little stuffed giraffe. So adorable. They wanted to take the giraffe to the baby, but I need to ask first before we take it to him. Hopefully I can take a picture of little Wyatt with the giraffe to show them. I love that they love him already!!!!!
Tomorrow will be their last day of school. Nathan has two presentations to do - one for social studies and one for reading. In social studies, he'll be dressing up as a famous person and then giving some important historical information about them. Nathan chose Jesus. :) When he came to the hospital, we worked on his fact sheet and practicing what he was going to say.
In reading, he is going to read a portion from pne of his favorite books and, at the same time, using props to show some of the action in the story. Of course, he's reading a Star Wars book and is very excited about dressing up as Luke Skywalker and taking some of his Star Wars figurines to school. I'm bummed that I won't be there in the norning to help him get ready, but we practiced quite a bit and I'm sure he'll be fine. I know they all want me to come home, but I really feel like I need to stay with Wyatt for as long as the hospital will let me. I have gone the route of being away from my baby in the hospital and that didn't go so well but that's another post....

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Stony and Brit said...

Yeah! They will all be great big siblings---each using their gifts to smother Wyatt in the most precious ways. :)
And hooray for Nathan for choosing such a great historical figure to report on for school!