Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday with Wyatt

Lock up your daughters, moms!
Well, we're back to having an IV but only for today. His IV failed yesterday and had to be replaced last night for his 9 o'clock antibiotic... He got another dose this morning at 9 and will get his final dose tonight at 9pm. I'm about to go down and talk to his doctor now to see when they're going to release him... I'm not even going to speculate because it was definitely a bummer last night to hear that he wasn't ready to go. 

As for eating, he's doing great but he's definitely on his own schedule. There is a certain time of day when he will sleep regardless of how much we fuss with him. We have squeezed his little face, pulled on his arms, tickled his feet, and anything else we can think of at the time, but he simply will not wake up for one feeding each evening. He just wants to sleep. And, honestly, I'm thankful because that means there will be a 6 hour period at home where he will sleep. :)
Linda, I know how you are with schedules - you'd love this baby!!!! :)
 Here's the latest little picture of my newest angel. We are so blessed.


Stony and Brit said...

Oh my goodness! He is gorgeous.

The Northrups said...

Oh he is so handsome!!