Thursday, June 23, 2011

SOOOOOOOO Proud of My Children

A lot of my posts recently have been about Wyatt. I need to take a few minutes to talk about my other kids and how fantastic they are. Regrettably, when I was in the hospital with Wyatt, the older kids had their awards ceremonies for the end of the school year. Lowell was able to make it to Jillian's celebration but we weren't there for Nathan and Chloe's.
I especially regret this necessity now that I know just how honored my children would be...
Chloe received four awards - Academic Excellence (the equivalent of straight As for second grade), Completion of Second grade (obviously :)), and the most amazing -- Student of the YEAR in both Math and Music!!!!! The math award was out of all 90 2nd graders and the music award was out of all 150 1st and 2nd graders! I was soooo proud of her and soooo bummed that I couldn't be there to celebrate with her. I was even more bummed when I learned that Chloe, because of her thoughtful heart, asked her teacher for permission and went to both Nathan's and Jillian's ceremonies because she knew that we wouldn't be there... But nobody came to hers. I cried and apologized to her
when we talked about how proud I was of her... She was bummed that no one was there but I promised her that her dad and I are going to have our own little celebration for the kids at Peter Piper Pizza soon.
Jillian got a wonderfully impressive report card and a certificate for completion of kindergarten. She is very excited about moving on to first grade next year. :) I'm very proud of how well she is reading, how great she is at math, and her social skills are great.
Nathan set a goal for himself at the beginning of the school year that he finally achieved in the fourth quarter. He earned honor roll all four quarters, but he really wanted Principal's List. This is the equivalent of straight As. He struggled and worked hard all year long, and then finally - He did it! He is very proud of his certificate that proves that he finally reached his goal. I'm really happy that he has learned how hard work and perseverance can pay off.


The Northrups said...

Wow!!! Amazing!

theKband said...

Wahoo!! Way to go Trent kiddos! And, what a beautiful picture Rani!