Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wyatt Update

Before he lost his IV and monitors

Loves to sleep with his hands up
We were sooo excited to see Wyatt today after going home last night to get a good night's sleep, shower, do some laundry and to see our other babies... When we walked into his room, the bubble was gone, all the tubes were gone, and he was sleeping peacefully in a little bundle in a regular open top crib. His IV is gone, and all his monitors are gone except for the two little wires that watch his heart rate and breathing. He is eating from a bottle and doing a great job. I just love him soooo much and I'm soooo excited. Because his IV is gone, I believe the antibiotics are over, and they are just watching him for 24 hours...,. We're going to confirm that when we talk to the nurse at 7pm. I'm so excited and looking forward to taking him home.

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