Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Christmas Present of All

We spent Christmas Eve at church where we attended service and then Nathan and I served in the toddler room for two services. During the toddler service, the volunteers put on a small production of the Christmas story. We used Wyatt for baby Jesus. He is such an easy baby, so calm and almost universally happy - and this circumstance was no different. He smiled at all the toddlers singing their songs, smiled as I held him and kissed his chubby little neck, and then smiled, a little less confidently, when I placed him in the arms of the teenage girl who was playing Mary. He stared up at her and then at the wise men and then he went back to the nursery until I went to get him for the next service.

Jesus is our greatest gift --- but this little "jesus impersonator" is a close second. :)