Monday, December 26, 2011

A Blessed Christmas

Things I’ve been able to say (and hear) thanks to this Christmas…
Look at BooBah eating his ball – its as big as his head. (Boobah (Wyatt) got a big, soft ball full of holes from Auntie Leeda)
Quit climbing my leg with your car. (The kids got two RC cars (very cool) from Grandma Elaine)

Nathan, its time for Anakin to stop conquering  the kitchen.(Nathan got large Star Wars figurines and there was a staged battle in the middle of my kitchen floor.)
Mama, there’s a Snoopy on your butt. (Said by Daddy – Boogie got me comfy, fluffy Snoopy jammie pants.)

Shake it Chloe! (Leeda and Bread sent Dance Party 3 for Wii. AWESOME!)
Mama, you’re perfect!  (Grammie sent the game – Perfection – and I was the first one to get it all right)

Chlo, you’re beautiful! (Said by Daddy. Just because she is.)

Look, he shakes his tail when he walks! (Said by Mama – Chloe and Jillian both got walking Littlest Pet Shop toys. Very cute.)
Boog, pay attention to me – not your butt (Again courtesy  of Dance Party 3 game).

Nathan, go get a green – well, go get a Yoda colored crayon. (Said by Daddy who was helping Nathan make an origami Yoda)

Good job Boobah! Good job eating your elephant! (said by Mama – Wyatt got a crinkly, chewie elephant lovie from Grammie.)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Does this song say anything else?!? I mean, Come on! (Said exasperatedly by Daddy -- Nathan had put “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” on repeat in his room.)

And, the best...  Watch out kids, Daddy’s dancing.
Making Christmas Cookies. :)

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