Monday, December 12, 2011

Glow on Monroe

Saturday was the Christmas parade in Buckeye. And my little Nathan was in it! :) I took a picture of their group, not knowing where he would be and, of course, I took it too early.... That being said, he enjoyed himself and had a great time! I yelled "Yay, Nathan!!" and he turned toward us and gave us a little "trombone wave". He later said that he couldn't wave, smile and play him music at the same time, but he was happy to hear our support. The parade was quite entertaining. There was a train covered in lights with a little ferris wheel, music and two big bubble blowing machines. There were miniature ponies pulling little carts, VFW members on Harleys, APS trucks, a fire truck, lots of floats from local churches, and others. The most memorable float came from APS (the local power company). It was one of those huge electric trucks with a big set of inflatable reindeer on top and a snow making machine. The girls loved standing in the snow. Chloe, Jillian, Wyatt and Lowell and I watched the first half of the parade and then Lowell walked down to the end of the parade route to get Nathan.
So proud of my little musician and thankful for a nice evening with the family. :)

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