Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coming Back to Blogging

Its been over two weeks since I posted. Part of the reason is because I have a hard time posting anything when times are difficult. Whenever I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed or upset, I have a hard time sharing what's going on in our lives because I have a hard time looking past the bad/frustrating/annoying/painful/stressful/etc. things. So, in order to break this post-less streak, I'm going to concentrate on the many, many, MANY things I have to be thankful for and joyful about.
Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior
His Word
My children are healthy.
We are having beautiful weather - a little chilly, but a nice change.
My practicum is going well. I'm enjoying it and learning a lot. And I really like my clients.
I have everything I could possibly need - I don't want for anything - food, shelter, car, clothes, anything.
We have kittens.
Its almost Christmas.
I have wonderful friends that I don't get to see nearly often enough, but who I'm blessed to stay in contact with electronically.
Specifically I'm thankful for:
Moron, Britany, Kirsten, Abby, Stacey (except I haven't talked to her in I don't know how long :(... ), Linda, Michelle, Erica, Deborah, Jacquelyn and others.
I have a husband who loves me. And demonstrates his love for me in tangible ways. For example,
he asks about my day and really listens when I tell him
he loves our children
he works hard. Really hard. to provide for us.
he buys me the "expensive" shampoo when he goes shopping
he's not above cooking dinner or doing the dishes or the laundry or the grocery shopping if I need him to
he plays with our kids
he takes care of the yard
he takes care of our cars
he worries about things so I won't have to
he encourages me to stay in contact with my friends
he knows what is important to me and makes it important to him too. Like getting me Christmas decorations for our yard when he found out his friend was getting rid of some. Even though he would rather do almost anything than bring home more stuff. Thoughtful.
he tells me I'm beautiful/smart/sweet and "his girl"
he makes spending time with me a priority
he's willing to crawl under the house because he knows I'm scared of bugs and spiders and other yucky, deadly things that live there
he tells me he loves me all the time
he's willing to change a diaper. If he has to.

I'm also thankful for
rainy days
emails from friends
comments on my blog posts
old pictures from my grandma Elaine that tell me more about her side of the family - specifically, my dad as a little boy (she even sent me a couple of his elementary school report cards! :))
a wonderful church I feel blessed to go to every week
the privilege of hearing my children recite scripture and having them ask to learn more
while it sometimes drives me crazy, I'm thankful that my children want to tell me about their lives - their days, their friends, their dreams (especially their dreams.. in detail... ugh) and the things they find funny... These days will soon pass and I'm thankful now that they actually want to include me
twinkle lights and Christmas decorations
a special relationship with my grandmas
supportive in-laws
 yard sales
getting rid of stuff
on the rare occasion it happens, a clean house
obedient children
music, there is almost never a quiet moment in our house or car - the radio is ALWAYS on. We all love music and find comfort in it.
that we decided to cancel our TV
Wyatt's yell/growl/scream
I have a happy baby! :)
I missed out on colic all four times. Praise God!
and so very many more things....


Anonymous said...

Rani, so many of these made me smile or go, "Me too!" :) I hope whatever has been stressful is now a thing of the past. Best to you all!

Stony and Brit said...