Thursday, February 18, 2010

Above All Else

This Beth Moore Bible study is great... I'm learning a lot about Revelation as well as other prophetic portions of scripture. However, I think the bigger thing that I'm learning is that I don't have passion when it comes to Christ. When I watch Beth, I can feel her love for her Savior. And I don't have that... I don't have the burning desire to wake up in the morning and spend time with Him. I don't have the excitement that she feels when she opens the Word or the fervor to know more about Him.
More than feeling guilty about it, this makes me sad. I know that God desires for all His children to know and love Him... And I feel like the church at Ephesus - I've lost my first love... (Rev 3) My passion is not like it used to be. And I want it back.
Tonight, I'm listening to Above All Else by Vicky Beeching... In this song, her overwhelming desire is to know Christ. She doesn't want a happy life, more money, health or fame.. Just Jesus.
"Jesus, my passion in life is to know You
May all other goals bow down to this journey of loving You more
Jesus, You've showered your goodness on me - You've given Your gifts so freely
But there's one thing I'm longing for:
Hear my hearts cry and my prayer for this life
Above all else, above all else, above all else
Give me Yourself. "
I want that to be my prayer. After all, Matt. 6:33 says, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness..." That is my desire for this year... I want to learn to put His name and His Word, His face and His plan, His love and His heart... I want Him to be first. Above all else.

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theKband said...

I struggle with this too. We want a good relationship so badly with Christ and yet it's other things that seem to get our attention and priorities, at least that's how it is at our house at times....