Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Special Day

Yesterday Boogie and I had a special day together. We went to Walmart where they have a nail salon and Boogie got her very first manicure. She was very proud of her fingernails and walked all through Walmart with her fingers cautiously splayed. The Asian ladies kept laughing at her and seemed to enjoy painting the tiny fingernails of a curly headed bundle of fidgit. The end result was adorable. After the painting, Jillie and I spent time shopping; looking at earrings, trying on clothes, and just spending time together. Then we set off to the library. The Buckeye Library has a pet turtle and fishes in a terrarium that Jillie loves to watch. And I love inspiring the kids to develop a love for books... So, we came home with armloads of books, held snugly by pretty painted fingers. :)

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