Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show and Tell

In Chloe's first grade class, they have a BUG of the week program where each student is "special" for a week. Their special duties include filling the estimation jar with items of their choice (Chloe chose Valentine candies); putting together a collage of pictures of their family; choosing the book to be read aloud in class; and bringing something special for show-and-tell. Chloe was very excited about being BUG of the week and took all of her duties very seriously. Including choosing something special to show her classmates... She chose her ferrets. And so, being the good mom that I am, I told her that I would check with her teacher. (all the time thinking there was no way this would be allowed) I was shocked when I got the email that okay-ed bringing Creepy and Honey into class. So it was planned for Wednesday at 3pm. Tuesday, Nathan and I gave them a bath and then yesterday, I slept for a little while and then woke up, packed up some peanut butter and two excited little mammals, and a very excited Jillie, and off we went. The cat carrier itself garnered a ton of attention before the kids even knew what was in it. We were stopped multiple times going down the hallway and were met with squeals of delight when we entered the classroom. It turns out that Chloe is the only one in her class that has ferrets. After visiting Chloe's class, we were walking down the hall and I figured - What the heck - and stopped at Nathan's class. I told his teacher what we were doing and asked if she wanted me to bring them in his class too. I was, again, surprised when she said that she'd love to have them! They were a huge hit in Nathan's class too. The ferrets were sooo good. No potty accidents, and they loved the attention. :) They, did, however fall fast asleep as soon as we got home. Pretty exciting day for two little critters - and for two very lucky students! :)

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Stony and Brit said...

You are such a good mom!!