Thursday, February 25, 2010


I spent some time tonight with a woman who had come to the end of her ability to cope. She was in a place where, as she put it, she felt as though she was choosing to hurt by choosing to live. The choice, in her mind, was ridiculous. Why choose to continue to be in pain? So she came asking for help... My prayers are with she and her little family tonight. Getting her to a place than can help her was not easy...
This circumstance, while probably uncomfortable for almost anyone, brought me to the brink of tears on multiple occasions. I have been in this place. I have felt those feelings... And I have sat on that fence struggling to make the choice to continue with another day. This woman's circumstances and my own share some striking similiarities that brought back memories of those moments of darkness... And reminded me of the joy that I now experience. And how thankful I am that God pulled me through!
It is my prayer that this family is also brought through this experience to a place of joy and peace... I doubt I'll ever see the outcome, but I pray that God does a mighty work in them.

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