Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Great Sunday

Today was a great day for cloud looking and so, continuing our tradition of making shapes out of the clouds on the way home from church, today this conversation was heard in my back seat.
"Oh! I see a duck laying on his back!"
"I see a pig dancing. But now his head popped off!"
"There's a horse. A beautiful horse. And he's blinking!"
"And there's a camel!"
And then Jillie, "I don't see anything except big, puffy clouds!!!" :)

Chloe wanted to surprise Daddy with a picnic today so when we got home from church we all got busy making sandwiches, washing grapes, and getting all of our supplies together. Daddy was sleeping so we had plenty of opportunity to get it all ready without him knowing. When the blanket and basket were set up in the front yard, I went inside to work on waking him up. At first he wasn't so thrilled, but then Chloe came in and told him that she had a surprise for him. He came out the front door and smiled. And then he suggested that, if Chloe wanted to, we could move our picnic to the park. Everyone loved the idea and so off we went. After we ate, we played tag for awhile and then a question/guessing game where one person thinks of an animal and based on the 1 question each person asks, we have to guess what animal it is. If we can't guess, then the person acts out their animal. :)

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