Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love you, Lowell!

I know its too early for Valentine's Day silliness, but I have to share... My husband recently dedicated a song to me. (He hates it when I tell other people details about the sweet things he does, so for his sake, I'm going to refrain from giving you the name of the song, even though I really want to!) Ever since we've been married, I've been hoping that we could have "our song". The song that we danced to at our wedding, "Cowboy Take Me Away" is fun, but its not "our song". And, in all actuality, this song isn't about us, its about how he feels about me... but I'll take it!! :) I love it. I burned it onto my laptop and at night while I'm at work, I listen to it and remember how blessed I am.
My husband is wonderful. I've stopped doing the 'My Husband Rocks' posts, but I certainly haven't stopped appreciating how blessed I am! For example:
My husband hates his job and yet he goes, each and every day, in order to provide for us
My husband is actively working on a plan so that I can stay at home with the kids
Even when he's tired, he makes it a point to spend time with our kids daily
He is an AWESOME player - by this I mean, that he's a grown-up kid. He plays Barbie, Nintendo, tag, rides bikes... A kids dream and a real Godsend to a mom who doesn't play very well!
Anytime he goes to the store, he brings me something (usually edible!)
He makes his family his first priority
I frequently get texts that say 'I love you'
He still winks at me from across the room
He isn't afraid to tell me the things that I need to hear, even when I don't really want to hear them
He (sometimes! :) ) lets me control the radio
He cares about the things I care about
When I talk, he really listens
He compliments me
He holds my hand and hugs me in the supermarket
He helps around the house
.... and so many more things..
So, as we near Valentine's Day, and every other day of the year, I love you, Honey! Thank you for all you do and thank you for loving me so well.

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