Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We decided to change our cell-phone carrier. We are going to have different phone numbers and so I will contact everyone with our new contact information. Please comment if you don't get my new number. We don't have a home phone and so my cell is the only way to speak with me.
I'm very excited because the new phone number comes with a new phone! Yipee!! I'm getting a Motorola I1 tomorrow but it will probably be next week before I learn how to use it! :)
I also made a new friend a couple days ago... God put me in a situation where I spent some time with a neighbor who, before this, I had only waved at. She is the mom of one of the boys on our street and I knew very little about her. By chance, I went over to see how's she was doing and ended up in her living room listening to her story. She's in pain and suffering. I was upset that I live so close to her and yet never knew what was going on behind her doors. And I was humbled that she trusted me and shared her heart with me. She is a mom trying to do her best to raise her s0n and struggling through marital issues. I'm humbled that God used me and, honestly... strangely, a little scared about becomming friends with her. I can't explain that feeling. I don't know if its fear or selfish or what it is... I want friends and I want to be connected here in AZ but I shy away from those connections at the same time. What is the matter with me???
Regardless of my own issues, I am so grateful that God placed me in the right place at the right time so that I could offer her some comfort and I pray that I am just as willing to be available the next time.

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