Saturday, August 28, 2010

Freedom of Speech

I'd like to be sure that I am clear -- This is not me. This is an editorial article that was published in the West Valley View, our local paper on August 27th... I bet they'll get a lot of responses from this one...
"Women Voters Created a Mess"
I, like many others, look with sadness to the so-called "celebration" of the right to vote for women. Since suffrage was passed in 1920, we have experienced six major wars and many minor ones; two major depressions, eight recessions and other downturns; multiple major riots and civil disturbances; a flood of millions of illegal immigrants that threatens to turn our country into a Third World slum; the "sexual revolution" and "feminism" that have spawned the emergence of "lesbian and gay rights"; the massive spread of atheism and denial of the existence of God; the Democratic Party assuming the role of the C0mmunist Party USA; and the first black, Muslim, Marxist president.
All of this combined with some of the crazy letters we read from women letter writers, lead me to think the date should be a cause for mourning. I will tip back a cold one and hope my campaign to repeal suffrage is successful; till then, with tongue in cheek, Probst!"
-- William Russell, Avondale AZ

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