Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School 2010

The day was filled with lots of excitement; there were no tears but lots of traffic. The school parking lot and the road up too the school was a complete zoo!!!! There aare around 700 cars that have to make their way around the school to drop off their children... Its is quite a catastrophe but they are going to make some tweeks in order to smooth things out. I'll be doing the dropping off and Lowell will be picking up.

Reports from the day:
Chloe: In the morning, we colored a little bit and in PE we learned a new game called Blob Tag. I get to sit by my best friend. Her name is Abbi. My teacher's name is Mrs. McNett. She's nice.

Jillian: When we started, we had a morning meeting that was fun. And in the afternoon, we had a little recess and we played Octopus. My teacher's name is Mr. Pieper and he told us the rules on the first day of school.

Nathan: We made name tags and put them on. Then we went to Spanish where we played a fun game to help us remember everyone's name. We took a tour of the school and we went to lunch. My teacher's name is Mr. Yanke. He's very nice and he has a drum set in his classroom.

I am very proud of myself for how I handled the morning. No tears at all. Honestly, I didn't feel sad. Lowell was asking me how I was feeling and I didn't really know how to explain myself... He did a very good job of articulating the moment... Lowell said that because we've done a good job of appreciating our kids while they're young and because we've taken time to really be in the moments, we're not sad.. We aren't "mourning" the loss of their childhood; we're excited about the next stages. He was absolutely right. I am looking forward to all the new experiences and challenges that come with having three school-age kids... I have such a smart husband! :)

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Stony and Brit said...

Wow look at them! The first day of school is always an interesting day. Good job Rani and Lowell!