Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Night Before

Well, its finally here. Tomorrow is the first day of school. I can hear Jillian and Chloe laying in bed right now saying "First day of school!!" from Nemo. They are very excited. Tonight we got their backpacks loaded and ready to go. They tried on their uniforms and started talking about all the fun that awaits them tomorrow! I'm really happy that they're excited.
I, on the other hand, am feeling something less than excited. I've come down with a cold and I'm not looking forward to getting up at 5:45 in the morning and attacking the morning rush... I'm sure I'll feel better about it in the morning, but right now, I just want to sleep.. And breathe. And swallow without hurting. I hate summer colds. I've been fighting this one off for about a month and its finally gotten the upper hand. I can't imagine why.. I'm just soooo busy!
Saturday the kids had a sleepover. Jillie and Chloe slept over at their friend's house and the brother of that same family came over here. Nate and Nathan both love Star Wars and were perfectly content to play with each other all evening. I hardly heard a peep out of them. The girls also had a good time. Jillie didn't cry and they both loved how the dad pulled mattresses off of the beds so that they could all 4 sleep on the floor together.
Before the sleepover, I went to church for a Toddler room volunteer meeting. Nathan went with me. I was asked to step up as a Volunteer Lead for the latest service. This means that myself and another lady will be running the service. I'm comfortable taking on this added responsibility because it doesn't require me to do any additional work during the week, only on Sunday when I'm there, serving already. I'm looking forward to the first week of three services - September 11th.
I'll be taking pictures tomorrow morning with the kids because I've taken the day off of work. Now that I've come down with something, I'm really glad that I did. Maybe after a midmorning nap, I'll be able to tackle some homework... Here's hoping!!!

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