Monday, August 23, 2010

Recent Blessings

My friend from work got in a car accident yesterday. She is okay, but understandably shook up. I praise God that no one was hurt.

We got together with some friends last night for an "End of Summer" bar-b-que. There is no better way to spend an evening than with bar-b-qued food, friends, kids swimming and lots of laughter. We swam, ate, played pool and just enjoyed each others company.

Our church that just recently moved into a new building has already outgrown our new surroundings!! We need to add another service! Isn't that fantastic?? Now we'll be attending church at 8:15, and volunteering at 10:00. There will also be an 11:45 service.

On a related note, Nathan has decided to volunteer with me in the toddler room. He has been such a blessing, making friends with the children as well as doing an AWESOME job helping clean up. He likes volunteering so much that he wants us to volunteer for the third service too. :) We'll see. Honestly, I'd like to find something that we can do as a family, but its not likely with a 5 year old.. It all comes in time, I suppose.

This week we've been to the kids' new school two nights and we'll be going back again tomorrow for Open House. The kids all found out who their teachers are going to be but they have yet to see their classrooms. Tomorrow night we'll be going into the classrooms and meeting the teachers one on one. Chloe doesn't have the same teacher that Nathan had last year and neither of them have many of the same children in their class. This will be a year of lots of new friends and all new teachers.
Three new teachers.... because my baby is starting school. Wow.
This weekend we're going to buy uniforms. I'll be sure to post pictures!

My husband made me laugh the other day. (He does most days, but this little moment I wanted to share) We were talking in the living room and he said, "Sshhh, quiet. I think I hear music.... Like a Jeep." The funny thing is that he was completely serious and didn't find the humor in his statement. I just love my husband!!!

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Stony and Brit said...

Rani your family is awesome! Being on a church staff I am on the other side of the volunteer world...and we pray for families like yours and praise God (loudly) that there are families like yours! The fact that your son wants to volunteer with you and for more than one service speaks volumes of your awesome parenting and God's work in his young life. Hallelujah!!